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      Contact us

       Kaifeng Hyde Machinery Co., Ltd.

       Add: No.106, Jinming Road, Kaifeng City,

       Henan Province, 475000 China

       Tel: 0086-371-23863888

       Fax: 0086-371-23865326

       Mobile: 0086-15137822919

       E-mail: hdjxlyt@163.com

       Website: www.szcdjszp.com

      Company Profile

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      Kaifeng Hyde Machinery is a branch company of Maosheng Group, which has specialized in engineering and equipment manufacturing for grain handling, storage, flour milling and seed processing since 1976.

      With 40 years' growth, Maosheng Group has become CHINA TOP 10 Grain Machinery Manufacturing Company in grain processing industry. In addition, Maosheng is the host of China National Grain Processing Technology Research Center. Until now, Maosheng owns three production facilities with 62 product lines offering more than 300 models of machine.

      Founded in 2002 as a branch company of Maosheng Group, Kaifeng Hyde Machinery mainly manufactures a full range of advanced grain and seed processing machines and equipment.

      Hyde Machinery main products: air screen fine cleaner, gravity separator, indented cylinder separator, rotary cleaner, vibration screen cleaner and grader, destoner, belt separator, de-awner, huller, seed coating machine, seed dryer, elevator and conveyor, air aspirator, cyclone, dust collector and auto packing scale for seeds, cereal grains, beans, forestry seeds and food, ranging from customized systems to complete turnkey plants.

      Hyde Machinery-Maosheng Group

      To better serve our clients, our company not only invests in high-end manufacturing facility to improve product quality and manufacturing productivity, but also keeps on looking for international communication and cooperation. We successfully established joint venture with WESTRUP Denmark in 2013 and NOROGARD Sweden in 2016.

      With decades of our effort, our machines have obtained China Famous Brand and enjoyed high reputation in the market. We have also exported our equipment to Israel, Egypt, Australia, South Korea, and South East Asia, etc.

      Supply range:

      Flour mill complete plant: 100~1000 t/d

      Seed cleaning machines capacity: up to 15 t/h

      Dryer & Storage silo: Dia 6~35m. 5~10000 t/silo

      Hyde Machinery Seed Processing Machines

      Hyde Machinery Seed Processing Machines

      Maosheng Group Flour Mill Equipment

      Maosheng Machinery Flour Mill Equipment

      Our advantages:

      1. 40 years manufacturing experience since 1976. 

      2. China Top 10 grain machinery manufacturing company.

      3. Member of 16 China national standards in grain industry.

      4. 82 patented technologies and products.

      5. 3400 m2 of prototype workshop and 3600 m2 of R & D center.

      6. Over 100 experienced engineers, research staff and technicians.

      7. State-of-the-art CNC facilities. 

      8. Full range of service, from single machine solution to turnkey systems.

      Hyde-Maosheng CNC facility

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