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      Food drying equipment and processing machinery and technology development seminar held in Zhengzhou

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      Food drying equipment and processing machinery and technology development seminar held in Zhengzhou

      發布日期:2015-04-29 00:00 來源:http://www.szcdjszp.com 點擊:

      April 18th, grain drying equipment and processing machinery and technology development seminar held in Zhengzhou, Henan province. Conference by the China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association of grain drying equipment, grain and oil processing machinery branch. Conference invited Jiangsu of China Grain Storage Engineering Co. Ltd. manager Jun Qiang Huang, Henan University of Technology Professor Lai Lin Zhang, Wu Wenbin, science and Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. Wuxi COFCO senior engineer Shen Jun and other four experts do theme of the report.

      Jun Qiang Huang in entitled "the current situation and development trend of the grain dryer in China analysis" report stressed that China is the largest food production and consumption country in the world, the annual total grain food about 6 million tons. May every year by the damp climate, wet valley not dry or fails to achieve safe moisture caused by mildew, sprouting and loss of food accounts for about 5%, equivalent to 30 million tons of grain. If 1 pounds of food per person per day, for 82000 people a year. Therefore, the development of grain drying technology, change the passive situation of traditional live at the mercy of the elements is imminent. Huang Junqiang believes that the development trend of China's grain drying technology is mainly divided into three aspects, the development of dry ventilation and drying technology, the development of energy saving and biomass energy utilization technology and the development of intelligent control technology. Lai Lin Zhang, entitled "China's grain drying has the problem and the developing direction of" report said that although China's agricultural production machinery continuously improve the level, but grain drying mechanization level is very low, is still less than 5%, and the mechanization level of the Japan US generally in 95% to. In our country, there are still many problems in the field of grain drying, such as low level of mechanization, artificial shortage, large drying machine, and the use of food system. China's grain drying machine in the future should be to large and small, fixed and mobile development, a variety of dry forms, and increase the intensity of agricultural subsidies, local conditions to solve the problem of China's grain drying. According to estimates, if the proportion of mechanical drying reached 30%, but also at least 8000-10000 sets of drying equipment, China's grain drying machine market prospects, great development potential. Wuwenbin entitled report of the food processing equipment and domestic and foreign technology status and development "clearly, China's food processing equipment has reached the international advanced level. The development direction of grain processing equipment in the future should be to improve the health level of equipment, to innovate, to develop new food machinery and equipment, to strengthen basic theory research, to develop energy saving and reducing consumption, to realize sustainable development, to realize the fine design and manufacturing, to provide better service and to realize win-win. Shen Jun in the problem is proposed in the report of the wheat milling equipment technology development direction and the practice of ", with the country and the people paying more attention to food safety, wheat milling equipment to safety, health development will be an inevitable trend. Processing enterprises in the processing equipment is more and more strict, we need to develop a more safe and sanitary equipment and processing technology. Equipment and engineering companies, need to grasp the market and the needs of the people, in order to remain invincible. Reporter at the scene learned that due to grain drying equipment generally occupied space is bigger, the user in the plant construction approval to obstacles, wants the state to give help and support in policy. While the dry machine enterprise is facing the development pressure from the technical level, the policy and the market. Industry overall level of improvement and technological progress requires the joint efforts of both the government and the supply and demand sides.


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