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       Kaifeng Hyde Machinery Co., Ltd.

       Add: No.106, Jinming Road, Kaifeng City,

       Henan Province, 475000 China

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      Mini Peanut Harvesting Machine

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      Mini Peanut Harvesting Machine

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      Mini Peanut Harvesting Machine

      4H HYDE Peanut harvesters.jpg

      4H-800 peanut harvester is a new type of peanut harvesting equipment developed by Hyde Machinery for peanut cultivation area. Considering peanut planting agronomic characteristics and requirements, Hyde peanut harvester has the function of peanut plants excavating, build-up soil cleaning and peanut plants laying, 2 ridges/lines can be accomplished simultaneously. 

      With its advantages of smooth operation and high efficiency, 4H-800 peanut harvester greatly reduces the manpower demand, relieves labor shortage in rural areas and cuts down harvesting cost.

      HYDE peanuts harvester machine.jpg

      4H-1500 wide type harvester can also be used for other rootstock crops, such as potato, sweet potato, garlic, onion, isatis root.

      - Working Processing of Hyde Machinery Peanut Harvester

      Peanut harvester driven by a tractor excavates the peanut plants and soil together by shovel(excavator). Then peanut plants and soil are pushed to vibration sieve; soil will be cleaned with the backwards movement on the sieve. Peanut plants will be discharged to the side of the end, laying in queue for easy drying and convenient pickup.

      - Features of Hyde Machinery Peanut Harvester

      • Adopt the equivalent moment of inertia and reverse configuration self-balancing lengthways vibration sieve device, get the soil cleaning and peanut plants transportation simultaneously, with advantages of low vibration, smooth and reliable operation, and comfort ride, etc.

      • Dense planting grid vibration sieve with side end structure for low loss, good laying effect.

      • Double press roller clutch device for reliable connection and smooth running.

      • Can be driven by 15-18 horsepower tractor which is widely used for household, with extensively power support, less investment and quick returns.

      - Main Technical Parameters

      ModelExcavating WidthHarvesting WidthNet Production RateLoss RateBroken RateDriven Power
      4H-800800 mm2 lines0.1-0.15 hm2/h (ha/h)≤2.5%≤1%

      11-13.2 kW

      (15-18 hp)

      4H-15001500 mm4 lines0.15-0.3 hm2/h (ha/h)≤3.5%≤1%

      40 kW

      (55 hp)

      *Peanut harvester machine can be customized according to local cultivation conditions.

      Kaifeng Hyde Machinery Co., Ltd. (Maosheng Group)

      Address: No. 106, Jinming Road, Kaifeng City, Henan Province, 475000 China

      Tel.: +86 371 23863888

      Fax: +86 371 23865326

      Email: sophie@kfhdjx.com


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